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MSTS for Well Logging

Monitoring Sources Through Communication

The Well-Logging MSTS system includes the following components:

Electronic Tag (eTag): Attached to the shielded source container being tracked, the eTag provides tracking status through Bluetooth to the Master Control Unit to monitor presence of the item. Tamper detection is integrated into the eTag.

Radiation Tag (rTag): The rTag houses the solid-state radiation detector, which monitors changes in radiation levels that indicate a change in the source’s status (e.g., within its storage container, in use/outside storage, absent). The rTag sends alerts and/or alarms to the Master Control Unit through a hardwire connection. The rTag is recharged using the truck’s power.

Master Control Unit (MCU): Mounted inside of the transport vehicle where the sources are stored, the MCU is the central controller for the MSTS system. It monitors and processes all data coming from the eTag(s) and rTag in the system and transmits status data and alerts from the system via the telematics components (satellite and/or cellular). The MCU is recharged using the truck’s power.

In-Cab Unit (ICU): Located in the cab of the truck, the ICU provides status data and alarms via colored light indicators to the driver in the cab of the truck. It also provides a duress capability to the driver that is transmitted through the MCU.

Well-Logging Home Base Security: Consists of an MCU connected to a server for monitoring the eTags in the storage bunker. The eTags for the storage location can be attached to shielded source containers or source handling tools based on the configuration of the storage bunker.

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