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Eagle integrated Services is a small business headquartered in Maryland near Washington D.C. We offer subject matter expertise, products and services in support of a wide range of technical areas for mission‐critical functions including:



  • Program Management
  • Integrated Systems
  • Physical Protection Devices
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Security System & Monitoring Services
  • Electro Mechanical Integration
  • Government Security Solutions



The Eagle Advantage


  • EIS is one of the first security integrators to install a Remote Monitoring System (RMS) Sentry unit at an ORS partner site and has successfully implemented numerous domestic Sentry installations as both the Prime contractor and subcontractor.
  • Certified installers of Tamper Indicating Security Hasp (TISH) fiber wrap technology.
  • Established network in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense, and explosives (CBRNE) arenas.
  • Cost competitive due to low overhead/indirects, and customer‐focused operations.
  • Agile, innovative, and entrepreneurial to provide real solutions through superior, measurable performance.
  • Best‐in‐field talent. Generous benefits, profit sharing, and absolute business ethics attracts and retains the top talent people focused on satisfying clients.
  • Business acumen, financial strength, DCAA‐compliant accounting, and documented cost controls to ensure successful execution.
  • Outstanding capture and proposal capabilities and deep operations experience in execution.

Providing Expertise and Ingenuity